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7 Quick Takes vol. 4 | Joy Observed

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7 Quick Takes vol. 4

Linking up with Kelly!

It’s been too long since my last Quick Takes post. Get ready for a truly scattered collection of quick-takes.

{one} I had a revelation a few days ago! It’s not actually profound, it’s more of a “duh” moment.

The mornings are for the kids!

As in, unless I get up before them, I do not try to fit in any personal prayer time (apart from a morning offering, which I usually pray before getting out of bed.), reading time, coffee enjoyment time, writing time, social media time, email time — you get the idea — until afternoon quiet time.

Why am I not prioritizing the morning, when the children are the happiest and their brains are the freshest, to accomplish school-time, read-aloud time, and just anything with the them time?!


Because I’m so selfish!

like doing all those things I listed above, in the morning. But, come afternoon, our day is in shambles if I have tried to fit in any self-care between the hours of 8am and 1pm. I’m grouchy because I was incessantly interrupted while trying to accomplish any of those good, simple things, and my coffee is COLD. Plus, the kids are grouchy because mom has been brushing them off and they’re asking for shows.

So, no more of that.

If I don’t grab that moment of grace and deny myself the comfort of a cozy bed early in the morning, then I can’t do any part of my daily self-care routine until 1pm. And that’s final! (this does not include basic things like getting dressed, brushing hair, etc. haha)

{two} I need to be more firm with our “rule” of no tv until 4pm.

When the tv doesn’t go on until late afternoon, our days are so lovely. Oh, the kids still ask for it, but after a couple of reminders that the tv will not be going on until 4pm, they stop asking. Or if they do ask they say, “Oh right, not until 4-o-clock.”

{three} We’re taking a break from Netflix.

I find the kids need a break from Netflix every now and again. The ability to watch show after show, with the end and beginning blurring into each other, is so easy with Netflix. If I miss the 12 second window (or whatever it is) between the end of one episode and the beginning of the next, I hear lots of whining over the tv going off.

Watching a show on DVD has the benefit of giving a definitive end to show-watching time. The kids don’t tend to whine and complain when the tv goes off.

I’ve discovered that if we take a break from Netflix, and only watch a show via a DVD, when we go back to allowing Netflix watching, the kids are super obedient (for a while) to my instructions of the tv going off after the specified amount of shows.

Oh, hello cute baby!

{four} I’ve started drinking multiple mugs of coffee a day. I’m not sure how I ever got through the day without a minimum of 3.

{five} I can finally say that I truly do love Anne (as in the Anne of Green Gables Anne) as a friend, not just the idea of her! I powered through the first 4 books the week the kids were down with a spring-cold. I think I’m about a third of the way through Anne’s House of Dreams. Back to pace-reading, since I don’t have the excuse of sick littles to be cuddled up on the couch all day with a book.

{six} My first container of Bokashi Compost is ready to be buried!

The other day, Adam threw a banana peel in the garbage, which I promptly removed, chopped and tossed in the compost bucket. To which his response was, “Oh yeah, I forgot we were hippies.”   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

{seven}  I decided to stop trying to be different from everyone else and just admit that I really, really do like the colour blue.

My house of dreams has white walls (hmmm, maybe some light grey ones, too…), blue (navy, royal, steel, robins egg…), yellow (lemon, mustard…), green (sea-foam, mint…) and even some dusty rose accents thrown about the place for colour; light wood/greyish stained wood throughout. It would be a two-story with dormer windows and built in reading nooks; have a wrap-around deck with a wooden porch swing where Adam and I would sit in the evenings and enjoy each others company over a glass of wine or tea… And it would be on an acreage with trees all around it; lots and lots of flowers: lilacs, rose bushes, begonias and some english ivy and virginia creeper vining up trellises… *sigh* Maybe one day. haha

Presently satisfying my blue, yellow & green accenting desires with these items.

Happy weekend!!!




  1. I looooved this post! Man our dream homes are similar 🙂

  2. The take about loving the colour blue made me laugh. Totally my favourite, too. Those dishes are so pretty!

  3. Sounds idyllic! Glad to know that your bokashi composters are fitting nicely into your lifestyle 🙂 Happy composting!

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