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A Birthday Post

Typical me, start a post and then take too long to finish it. Here’s Lewis’ birthday post a couple of days late.

Lewis’ big day is finally here! He’s been waiting as patiently as a little guy can for it to finally be HIS birthday. A whole year is a long wait when you’re little. A year also seems extra long when you come from a large family and are often celebrating multiple birthdays each month.

The waiting prompted a conversation something along these lines:

When’s it my birthday?
Not until the summer, bud.
*season change
Is it summer?
No. It’s spring. We’re close.
*season change
It’s summer!
Yes, but your birthday isn’t until July.
When’s it July?
Soon, bud. Soon.
*July comes
It’s July, Mom, is it Lewis’ birthday today?
(thanks kid that jumped on that one)
*Lewis looking hopeful.
Not quite yet, bud. Not until the 21st.

Well, finally it is summer. Finally it is July. And finally it is the 21st!

Adorably oblivious that Daddy and Marky are working on his birthday card right beside him.

Marcus announced first thing this morning that he didn’t think Lewis looked like he was 3. Lewis must have taken this to mean that he was still 2 because when prompted for how old he now is his response was a quiet, sad, “I’m two.”

I think we have been able to convince all parties involved that Lewis is 3 today, even if he doesn’t look any different than he did yesterday.

When I walked into the kitchen I found him sitting at the table, in his jammies with a clip-tie hanging on his shirt collar. Oh. my. heart!

We made his birthday cake; Daddy took him to the store to buy a special balloon; Adam’s sister and her littles came over for a “party” after lunch; my sister, Lewis’ Godmother, came over for supper. All in all, he seemed quite pleased with his special day.

I spent the day before his birthday in a nostalgic stupor. Yet another year has come and gone with this precious little human, and I wanted to soak-in the moments of his littleness.

The way he rides his bike; the way he has to push it along the front lawn up to the walkway so he can adventurously ride over the little ledge from the walkway to the driveway. “Did you know I could do dat, Mom?” No, I didn’t, bud… you’re so big. 
Watching him run around the yard with Marcus, Clara and Daddy having a water gun fight. When did you get so coordinated to be able to do that? 
Watching him colour pictures. “Look Mom! I doing good. I not scwibbling… Can I scwibble?” Sure bud… I don’t mind.
Helping him take off his bike helmet. Helping him with the straps on his sandals… I made sure to get my last two year old cuddle with him last night; or as Lewis says it, “Can you wrestle me, Mom?” Yeah, bud. You won’t ask me to do that for much longer.

Playing with his new lego.


Photobombed by Rosie.

Kisses for Godmother.

So far, out of my 4 littles, he’s the one who has been the most attached to me. Somedays it’s a little wearing that he rarely will let Adam or any other member of our family do anything for him. But, there are so many sweet moments that overshadow those frustrating ones. Every morning he throws his little arms around my neck and tells me he loves me. Everyday he finds moments to come up and give me kisses. He brings every flower he picks to me. And now, thinking of all his sweetness, I’m tearing up… Oh Lewy-bear, I know you won’t forever outwardly express that sweet, unconditional love you have for your mama, and that’s alright. I’ll savour the moments and cherish the memories… I look forward to seeing the man you will become. Mommy and Daddy love you so, so much.

Happy Birthday, my 3 year old!


  1. Oh, I just love this little man so much!

    Sweet Spontaneity

  2. What a beautiful birthday post! Totally made me cry multiple times. You’re such a good, loving mom.

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