Hi all! My name is Hannah (both “a’s” pronounced with an “ah” sound), wife to Adam and mother to Marcus (5), Clara (4), ¬†Lewis (2) & Rose¬†(8 months). I am a cradle Catholic, I married a cradle Catholic and am now raising cradle Catholics. In short, I LOVE being Catholic and I treasure the gift of my faith!

Joy Observed - About Me

(Quick fix for now. I’ll have to find a nice one of all the kiddlets together.)

Welcome to Joy Observed! Here you will find snippets of my family’s happenings. Stay tuned for posts primarily filled with random moments from the Fahlman family’s day.

Why Joy Observed?

Well, learning to choose to be joyful in all circumstances of life, and be authentic in that joy, has been a recurring theme for me. I tend to lean toward pessimism and thus being joyful is not a natural tendency of mine. It is a very necessary virtue to possess, though. This blog will serve the dual purpose of fun, family documentation, as well as keep me accountable to constantly choose joy — every moment of every day! Here is my journey of motherhood. Learning the ins and outs of this vocation through what feels like monotonous doings, as well as my journey of discovering the grace that comes with the choice of joy. Come join me if you like.