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Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 3

I did a really poor job of blogging in 2016; I’m hoping 2017 will see more posts! I wanted  to squeeze in this quote post that I have been wanting to post for forever and just couldn’t carve out time to write it. Some of these quotes date all the way back to January. I did a poor job in several areas this past year, and keeping track of quotes was one area that slacked. There should be WAY more for a years worth. At any rate, here are the ones that caught my funny bone. They are ordered from oldest to newest.

Joy Observed - Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 3

A little blurry and over exposed, but I love this big brother picture!


Marcus: Can I have a haircut now?
Hannah: You bet! Come sit down.
Marcus hops onto the chair while I set the mirror on the floor.
Marcus looks at himself in the mirror and starts making a funny face.
Hannah: You goof, that’s a silly face.
Marcus: Don’t I look like a beaver, Mom, when I do that?

Hannah: Marcus, would you be alright if I left you here for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s? Mommy is going to go and I won’t be here for the rest of the night.
Marcus: Yes, I’m alright with that. I would like that very, very much.

During bedtime prayers last January
Hannah: Pray for all the pregnant women we know…
Marcus: What does pregnant mean?
Hannah: That you’re going to have a baby.
Marcus: Oh, like you.
Hannah: No, Mommy’s not pregnant right now.
Marcus and Clara: Yes you are!
Hannah: No, I don’t think I am.
Marcus and Clara: But you are.
Hannah: Sure, let’s just finish saying bedtime prayers.
The crazy thing is that I WAS pregnant. Rosie was already in there and I didn’t even know it. Some how the kids did. haha

Marcus: I had a dream last night that I was marry to you. I had a remote control that made me as tall as Daddy.
Hannah: Wow, that’s quite the dream!

Upon seeing the neighbours pull out of their driveway.
Marcus: Yay we can stomp around!
Proceeds to stomp the whole way to the kitchen. 

Singing while unpacking groceries. Which he was doing without being asked. Melted my heart! 
Marcus: I very love fruit and bananas!

While I was throwing up
Marcus (puts his hand on my knee): Throwing up again. Are you ok, Mom?
Hannah: Thanks honey. Can you get me a Kleenex?
Marcus runs off to look for a Kleenex. A minute later he comes with a pack of wipes..
Marcus: I couldn’t find any kleenexes, so I brought you these.
Sets the pack of wipes on the couch beside me. So sweet in his attempts to be helpful.

While playing with Legos.
Marcus, singing: “Something is awesome! Something is awesome!” (His version of the Lego movie song) I’m a master builder. I build the best things.
A little while later.
Marcus: “John Henry, John Henry is a mighty man. Born with a hammer a, 10 pound hammer, a 20 pound hammer in his hand.”
Goes on chiseling and hammering his Lego creations apart. 

Marcus comes running upstairs and into the living room where Adam and I were.
Marcus: I want to name our little guy Judas.
Trying to contain our laughter
Adam: Where did you come up with that name?
Marcus: I don’t know.
Adam: Who do you want to name Judas?
Marcus: Lewis! We want to call him Judas.
Runs downstairs and proceeds to call Lewis, Judas. Clara got in on it too and they called the poor kid Judas the rest of the evening. 

Marcus: Dad, sometimes cows poop in the water.
Marcus: And sometimes they pee in the water.
Adam: Thanks for sharing that with me.
Marcus: And then ducks swim in the water!
Adam: Ducks poop in the water too. That’s why we don’t swim with ducks.

Relayed to me by my sister, Jacinta.
Jacinta: What are you doing Marcus?
Marcus: When I do this (crosses his eyes), I can see two moons.

All of the kids were in the vehicle and we were  just about to leave my parent’s acreage. Jacinta was doing something to the outside of the windshield for me.
Marcus: Mom, don’t drive yet.
Hannah: Why not, bud?
Marcus: Because you would run over Auntie Cinta, and I really like her.

Marcus: I think we should name the baby Prancer.
Hannah: That’s a name for a reindeer. You’re a teaser.

While doing a puzzle of Dave and the Giant Pickle with Daddy
Marcus: I thought of a name for the baby. How about Jesse?
Daddy laughs
Daddy: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

As I am walking into the living room, thinking that’s where Adam is.
Hannah: So, Adam…
Marcus: Adam is downstairs, Mom.

Meeting Rose for the first time.
Marcus: I wish we had a boy
Hannah: But isn’t Rosie sweet? She’s a beautiful baby girl.
Marcus: Yeah… but I still wish she was a boy. 

Sampling a bit of the batter for his birthday cake. A gluten-free white cake, from scratch.
Marcus: What? This cake tastes like a cookie! You just made me the strangest cake, Clara.

Marcus: Clara, can you share with me?
Clara: No, or you’ll get my allergies.
Marcus: You only get allergies from peanuts and peanut butter, not slobber!
Clara: Well, I really just don’t want to give you my allergies.

Relayed to me by Adam.
Adam: You can stay downstairs and play for a few more minutes, but you have to pinky promise that you will go upstairs as soon as I say so.
Marcus: Ok!
Goes to give Dad a pinky promise.
Marcus: Wait, that’s not your pinky!
Adam: Yes it is.
Marcus: It’s too big!
Adam has very long fingers. 

Bedtime prayers — longest list of intentions he’s ever had. Some of the funny ones:
Pray for Auntie Marissa & Daniel (pause), I mean, Matthew.
Pray for Auntie Malicia
Pray for Nerium
Pray for Joe’s Grandpa & Joe’s Grandma
Pray for Dad to have a good day, and a safe drive to work, that he doesn’t get in a crash.
Pray Dad doesn’t get in an accident on the way home.
Pray Dad will play with me tomorrow (oh, my heart! Too cute)
Pray for a fun day, to play in the snow.
Pray to ride in a rocket ship.


Joy Observed - Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 3


Clara: Mommy you bought these flowers?
Hannah: Daddy did. For my birthday.
Clara: Mmmmm. They smell berry good!
Hannah: Yeah, they do.
Clara: Dha’re sooo beautiful!

Hannah: No thank you, I don’t really like drinking milk. Mommy just likes water. Water is my favourite.
Clara: And wine and coffee.
Yes, and wine and coffee. 

Clara: Here Mommy, these two pieces are yucky.
Starts to hand me two little pieces of banana.
Hannah: What’s wrong with them?
Clara: They’re just so, so gross.

Clara: We need bowls.
Marcus: No we don’t.
Clara: Oh, we can just use our hands.

Clara: Bunnies don’t have hands.
Hannah: Yes they do.
Clara: No, they don’t have thumbs or singers. They just have paws.
Hannah: You’re right, they have paws.
My uber technical child! 

Clara: Up on the hot tub reindeer pause, out jumps good old Santa Claus.

Clara’s statements:
Somebody’s not getting me breakfast!
Everybody’s not getting me a drink!

Clara: What’s Lewy drinking?
Hannah: Milk.
Clara: Can I have some?
Hannah: No. I think milk makes you sick.
Clara: But I’m not sick anymore!
Hannah: I know. But I don’t want your tummy to hurt. We’re going to buy you some special milk.
Clara: Some gluten free milk?
Hannah: Not quite. Lactose free.

While driving, sometime in July.
Clara: Mom, how do you make a D?
I show her the shape of a D with my fingers.
Clara: Yeah, that’s the one
A minute or two later.
Clara: How do you make an A?
I show her the shape of an A.
A couple of minutes later…
Clara: Mom, D A D spells Dad.
Hannah: Yes, it does!
I had no idea she had picked that up!

Marcus: One time I had a dream that we were driving away from a volcano!
Clara: One time I had a dream that Uncle Benny (my younger brother who is not old enough to drive) was driving me to Costco.

Clara: Miriam, do you want to watch Anne of Scrables?

At some point in the fall.
Clara: Don’t worry fly, I’m not going to hurt you… I’m just going to kill you.
Clara: Ah! I missed!

Meeting Rose for the first time.
Clara: What’s her name again?
Hannah: Rose.
Clara: I wanted you to name her Sparkles.

Clara: I think Auntie Arissa is having a girl. Maybe she’ll name her Sparkles.
She must REALLY like that as a name. 

A couple days before Marcus’ birthday he was complaining about something (I can’t remember what) and I had told him that 5 year olds don’t ____ for whatever it was. Later that day I heard Clara say these…
Clara: Marcus, 5 year olds don’t whine and fuss. Right Mom?

Clara: 5 year olds share with their sisters.

While playing legos.
Clara: Marcus, let’s change our minds!
Marcus: No we can’t change our minds.
Clara: No, how about AFTER we build the house we build a garage!
Marcus: Ok.


Joy Observed - Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 3


After taking a big spoonful of potatoes at supper.
Lewis: Oh, too big! Oh, too hot!

Dancing around the house with a silicone strainer on his head, singing part of Mary Had a Little Lamb, over and over.
Lewis: Waugh and pway, waugh and pway! Made-a waugh and pway, waugh and pway.










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