Well, one month down for 2017. Here’s the extremely compact highlight reel for January: Kids started sleeping through the night most nights. Even Rosie has started sleeping through the night. She wakes up to nurse once, in the early hours of the morning, around 5:30, 6. I think the reason for this is that I caved and stopped forcing a soother on her. She’s been trying to suck her fingers for awhile and now that she does this she’s sleeping SO much! It’s awesome for now, but I know it will be difficult to put a stop to the finger sucking when she is older. Double edged sword.

Lewis potty trained like a champ. I’ve almost read all the Kristin Lavransdatter books in a week and a half, and some how we have avoided most of the illnesses going around at this time of year.

Lots of celebrating with new years day, a birthday just about every week, having company/being company… some weeks were full, and some were quiet, slow and lovely. The week Lewis potty trained we stayed at home the whole week and it was somewhere in between a full/quiet and slow week. I think it was my favourite week this month. The little guy seemed to change so much in that one week. He is  much more confident and so smiley, he’s talking way more and coming up with the cutest things. Maybe he just really needed some devoted mommy time. At any rate, I’d say it’s been a fairly solid start to the year.

On Clara’s birthday, I took her out for a lunch date. Adam even kept Rosie at home. It was lovely going out with JUST my big girl and having some one on one time. She is  4 now and is such a sweet and helpful big sister.

Joy Observed - One month in!

She’s still at that sweet age where receiving any gift is just the best. gift. ever! We bought a  doll stroller, playpen and highchair for her off of kijiji (she of course could have cared less if they were brand new or second hand!). We also bought her two read-along books, Tangled and Brave. A couple months back she went to a birthday party and gave the little girl the Tangled read-along book. She had a tough time doing this because she really wanted it for herself, but in the end she gave it away. She was especially excited when she opened up her present and saw the Tangled book.

The next day, her Godparents and their 3 little ones came over for brunch and supper, and that’s about as extravagant we got in the party department this year. I think we’ll probably be that family that does ONE big party per child… Maybe I’m just too swamped right now and that’s why the thought of planning a birthday party for little children exhausts me. Maybe one day I would actually enjoy doing that. Time will tell.

We had some almost spring-like weather last week and have now dipped back into some moderately cold weather. When it can get to -40 C with the windchill, -11 can almost seem balmy. ha

Before the warm weather, Adam piled a bunch of snow in the backyard and has been trying to add to it after every big snowfall. It was finally big enough to dig into to make a fort. The kids played outside close to everyday during the warm-snap, and one day the older two were out for 3 hours! They ate lunch, toast & hot chocolate, in their “igloo”. It was a super pleasant afternoon with just the younger two indoors. Makes me kind of wish I hadn’t taken for granted how much simpler life was with only 2 kiddos. But, maybe it just seems simpler now because I’m more experienced at this whole Mom thing. haha

So what has your first month of the year looked like? I’ll admit, I didn’t really do a whole lot of resolution setting before the new year struck. A few things I know I want to do are, spend less time on my phone in front of my kids; wake-up earlier and go to bed earlier; drink more water throughout the day; be present to my children.

The phone thing has been going well. I really have been spending less time on it and that’s probably why I’ve almost read 3 books. I’m hit and miss with the hydration thing. I’ve had a couple days of getting up before the kids, not as many as during Advent, though. I think I really burnt myself out over Christmas. I take a long time to recoup. I have also had a few nights of going to bed earlier. And I’ve been conscious of how many times during the day I may be physically present to my children, but I am not mentally present, so some progress there, too.

I was talking with a few mom friends about picking a word instead of a bunch of different resolutions and I really like the idea of an all encompassing word. I listened to a great podcast on this topic.

Last year, my word was Homemaker. I wanted to bring more joy into my tasks as a homemaker, and I think last year really was different because of it. It was a tough year with being sick from Rosie’s pregnancy, but it was a good year.

I think my word this year is supposed to be FOCUS. I’m going to pray a little more about it, though, and let you know if it changes. But I think Focus would be an all encompassing word for me this year.

I want to focus on my children, especially when they speak to me.

I want to focus on the duty of the moment, and when the duty of the moment changes (like it does ALL the time when you’re a mom of little children), I want my focus to shift to the new task and not stay tied-up with what I was doing before.

I want to focus my spare moments on reading books and not just scrolling through a social media feed.

I want to focus on my husband and our relationship.

I want to focus on friends; inviting a friend over for a morning coffee or afternoon play date and not put it off because my house isn’t as tidy as I like it to be when I have company over.

I want to focus my day by consecrating it to Jesus through Mary every morning. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but I often end up crawling out of bed after the older kids are up and then I’m just trying to beat them to pouring the milk. And then I don’t seem to get around to consecrating my day until half way through they day, if I even do it at all.

Focusing on a better night time and morning routine will probably be the key to so many other things.

So, yeah. Maybe focus is what it’s supposed to be.

Did you pick a word this year?

(This was supppsed to automatically post on the 1st, but glitch? Anyway, I have since finished Kristin Lavransdatter and they were GREAT books!)