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Joy Observed | musings of a Catholic mom - Part 2

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musings of a Catholic mom

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Lewis’ 2nd Birthday

This post was (mostly) written and then never posted. Instead of going back and changing the tone of it all, or scrapping it (which has happened to WAY too many posts) I thought I would just explain that part of it was written on his birthday and part of it 1 1/2 months later. haha

He’s two! My baby is two! How have two years passed since holding him in my arms for the first time and falling completely in love with his tiny features?

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It’s that time of year again

I don’t know why I feel the need to advertise this sale on my blog every year… But… CCC of America has their big summer sale on right now!

If you want to read a quick review on how much our family has enjoyed these little movies, you can click on over to this post from last year.

I remember being so excited as a kid when they came out with new Saint shows. My kids have even asked if there are any other ones because we’ve watched all of them over and over and over. Maybe someday they will make more. We’d buy them in a heartbeat!

For now you still have 11 great shows to chose from. So head on over to CCC of America and stock up on birthday presents or Christmas gifts for your children, godchildren or grandchildren. 🙂

This post is not sponsored in anyway, and purchasing through the link will not do anything for me. I just wanted to share this great deal. 

Happenings of late

Oh, you’d like a Fahlman update? Well, sure! I’d be happy to oblige! Lewis is super excited too.

Back tracking a little to January and the post titled That Word, there were a few things I had said I was going to be trying to do to keep our house rolling in a more organized fashion.


Yup, that’s what I have to say to that.

Half way trough 2016 and I have not come close to nailing any of the things on my list.

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Just popping in…

“I think I honestly believed that God owed me one for being open to life.” If this resonates with you then do I have an awesome read to share with you today!

I stumbled across this gem of a post by Jenny Uebbing this morning and it’s just too good to not share. Everything she said has been on my mind SO much lately and I’ve been trying to find time and the right words to express it. Well, Jenny beat me to it and has said it much more eloquently than I ever would, so I’ll leave it to that and just share her lovely words with you all.

I’m sure anyone who reads my blog is already reading her amazing blog, Mama Needs Coffee. But, in case there is someone reading my blog who hasn’t come across her goldmine of web-space, you are in for a treat, friend!

This Vocation is Shaped like a Cross

 God bless and may you have a beautiful day carrying that cross, mama-friend! Pray for me and I’ll pray for you!


Divine Mercy

Today is my favourite Sunday of the whole year! I have a great love for Divine Mercy because without it, this poor sinner would have no chance of making it to heaven! I love the chaplet and I love praying the Divine Mercy novena each year. The intentions for each day from the Diary of St. Faustina are so beautiful and I love reflecting on them.

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Happy Easter Season!

Happy Easter Folks! I love Easter. And I love that Easter is a whole season! I know I thought Easter was pretty awesome when I was little, but I didn’t it LOVE it and appreciate just what it was all about until I was a bit older. Christ conquering death for our salvation. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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That Word

Ever since reading Amanda’s post about choosing a word to focus on throughout the year, I’ve been giving lots of thought to what word is standing out for me.

Two words that seem to be recourring in theme the past several months have been brokenness and vulnerability. I think there’s still more God is wanting to teach me about these themes, so they’re going to be part of my words — I can have more than one, right? Good.

I’m pretty sure my main focus this year is supposed to be ORGANIZATION. It has  been screaming at me for awhile and I’ve just been too disorganized to notice.

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Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 2

147 days since my last post. I’m very under the gun, but I wanted to squeak in one more before the end of the year!

… Well… that was my hope… But as with every other post I have tried to write since August, I didn’t actually finish it in time.

I guess instead of a farewell to 2015 post. This is a HELLO 2016 post. I’m really hoping that 2016 will find more posts going up on this here blog. But, I can’t guarantee that.

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Today feels like fall is just around the corner. I’m not exactly sure what it is about today… It’s probably something I’m smelling that I associate with the season. There’s also a coolness in the air that is very fall-ish. Actually, because of how dry it’s been in Saskatchewan, some leaves are already changing colour!

In truth, even though the fall is my most favourite time of year, I’m hoping it holds off a little longer. Only because after fall comes the dreaded winter and I’m not ready to step back into that.

So, for today, I will sip my “Tiger Tea” — more commonly known as Bengal Spice (Marcus gave it the other name and it just stuck) — while I simply enjoy this bonus day of fall. Maybe I’ll even make some banana spice muffins…

Mmmmm tea!

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Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 1

This is a post chock-full of the funny (and sweet) things my kids have said recently. Naturally I think my children are hilarious, but maybe they’re not-so-much to anyone else. I’m also probably loosing my perspective on what actually counts as laugh-out-loud-able material since my days are spent with three children, 3yrs old and under… but hey — maybe some of these will tickle your funny bone like they tickled mine. 🙂

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