In one week, our Rosie will be 6 months old. 6 months!! It’s only taken half a year for me to write out her birth story. At last, for those who didn’t get it in person and were curious as to how it all went down, here it is.

On October 1st (due date) I was having mildly uncomfortable, irregular contractions that seemed to be coming a little more frequently as we got closer to bed time. Adam and I had put the kids to bed fairly early and were able to enjoy some tea and visiting time before going to bed.


There was a thunderstorm that night and at about 1:30am I woke up to my water breaking. And not just a little leak! I woke Adam up and we (he did most of it. I just got myself cleaned up. haha) got everything cleaned up. I was having irregular contractions still, so we paged the midwife on call and asked her what our course of action should be.

She hated her first bath, but being wrapped up in a towel was alright.

She recommended going back to sleep and waiting until contractions picked up.

Shortly after calling her I noticed that they were coming a little more frequently, so Adam began setting up the birth pool so that it would be ready when we needed it.

I was just starting to put sheets back on the bed, so we could go back to sleep for awhile, when Clara woke up from a bad dream. I took her back to bed and sat with her, thinking she would fall back asleep right away. But nope.

While sitting with her the contractions completely stopped! I was none too impressed. I thought it may have something to do with me not feeling comfortable and realxed with the kids in the house. But we weren’t about to wake them up and call someone to come pick them up at 3am. Especially since I wasn’t even contracting anymore!

Adam took over for me and I crawled back into bed. Clara eventually fell back asleep for Daddy and he came and joined me in bed.

A little while later I got up to use the washroom and have a little something to eat. Adam had to tend to a kid and ended up falling back to sleep in the kids’ room.

After going back into bed, I realized that I hadn’t felt the baby move in a long time. I had never experienced this before with this baby. She was a CRAZY mover! All I ever had to do was rub my belly and I would get kicked, time of day never mattered. I don’t think she ever slept. haha

This undoubtedly made me a little uneasy, and I’m not one who stresses easily. I got up and drank some juice, laid back down, changed positions, rubbed where I could feel limbs, but she didn’t move.

I paged the midwife who suggested I meet her at the clinic and we could do a non-stress test. Close to 6am, I left Adam with the children and drove off to the clinic. The little stinker didn’t move the whole way there! Even when the midwife started pushing on my belly to try to get the baby to move, she still wouldn’t respond.

The midwife hooked me up to the monitor and it was instant relief to hear her little heartbeat. It took a solid 20 mins before she FINALLY moved! My midwife had me eating ice to try and make her uncomfortable so we could see some movement.

About an hour and a half later, we had 5 accelerations on the chart. She was obviously just having the best sleep of her life! Satisfied that there wasn’t anything alarming going on, I drove home and began helping Adam get the kids ready to go.

1 week old

We couldn’t leave to meet his Dad until about 10:30am, so we ate breakfast, Adam had a nap while the kids piled books on him, and I folded laundry.

Finally we were alone and had our fingers crossed that things would start. Still no contractions.

The midwife came out at 3pm, did a “stretch & sweep” and that got the nags going. Regular contractions started happening by 4pm. We ate supper, I bounced on my exercise ball and we watched episode after episode of Last Man Standing. haha

Around 7pm, contractions were uncomfortable enough that I felt like they would be more manageable in the pool. I waited another hour and then called the midwife to tell her that I would be getting into the pool. I told her she didn’t have to rush out here, I just wanted her to know where things were at. She said she would aim for 9pm.

After she got here and witnessed a couple contractions, she noticed a change in my demeanour and started timing active labour at 9:20pm. I’m not sure when she contacted the 2nd midwife. I remember her talking to me about it, but I was getting to that all consumed state where I wasn’t going to remember much going on around me.

The 2nd midwife arrived and I was miserable. haha I was so tired and was WAY more whiney than I had been with Lewis. Going into this I had planned to make every attempt to not be whiney for Adam’s sake. He has informed me that I am pretty depressing to be around when in labour. Whoops.

It would have been shortly after 11pm that things changed again and I gave a push near the end of a contraction. I thought the midwives were going to tell me that I couldn’t push yet, but they just came around the pool and started coaching me. With the next contraction I pushed twice and she crowned. The midwives told me to just breathe, breathe, breathe and some how I was able to. I think it was the water. When the next contraction came I just breathed as long as I could and then all of a sudden I couldn’t feel the baby’s head anymore. I thought she had slipped back up and I got SO mad! As the contraction was ending, and I couldn’t do anything else but push, I pushed and the midwives said, “There’s your baby!”

I couldn’t believe that I managed to breathe her head out! No tearing = a wonderful, wonderful recovery! Huge relief.

She was born at 11:23pm and I just sat and cried on and off (mostly on) for 20 minutes. 2 hours of active labour made for a really intense transition. I’ve had friends go through active labours as short as 30mins, and I didn’t fully understand what they meant by feeling traumatized, and like their body was in shock, until Rose’s 2 hr labour.

She was so beautiful! We immediately thought that she looked like Clara and we joked that naming her was going to be tough because all we wanted to call her was Clara.

We finally settled on Rose Helena.

St. Therese of Lisieux is a very dear saint to me, and since Rosie was due on her feast day, we wanted to honour St. Therese in some way in her name. Also, her second due date was on the feast of St. Faustina Kowalska. Two mercy-power-house saints for our Year of Mercy baby. It also made sense in my mind to honour Therese in her first name and Faustina in her second, since that was how the due dates lined up. I had prayed a novena to St. Therese leading up to Rose’s birth, and so we settled on Rose as our answer to that novena. Plus, my middle name is Rose, Rose is in my maternal Grandmother’s name, and my maternal Great Grandmother’s name was Helen. I feel like we covered a lot in her name and we love it!

5 months old