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A Birthday Post

Typical me, start a post and then take too long to finish it. Here’s Lewis’ birthday post a couple of days late.

Lewis’ big day is finally here! He’s been waiting as patiently as a little guy can for it to finally be HIS birthday. A whole year is a long wait when you’re little. A year also seems extra long when you come from a large family and are often celebrating multiple birthdays each month.

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7 Quick Takes vol. 4

Linking up with Kelly!

It’s been too long since my last Quick Takes post. Get ready for a truly scattered collection of quick-takes.

{one} I had a revelation a few days ago! It’s not actually profound, it’sĀ more of a “duh” moment.

The mornings are for the kids!

As in, unless I get up before them, I do not try to fit in any personal prayer time (apart from a morning offering, which I usually pray before getting out of bed.), reading time, coffee enjoyment time, writing time, social media time, email time — you get the idea — until afternoon quiet time.

Why am I not prioritizing the morning, when the children are the happiestĀ and their brains are the freshest, to accomplish school-time, read-aloud time, and just anything with the them time?!


Because I’m so selfish!

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