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7 Quick Takes vol. 4

Linking up with Kelly!

It’s been too long since my last Quick Takes post. Get ready for a truly scattered collection of quick-takes.

{one} I had a revelation a few days ago! It’s not actually profound, it’s more of a “duh” moment.

The mornings are for the kids!

As in, unless I get up before them, I do not try to fit in any personal prayer time (apart from a morning offering, which I usually pray before getting out of bed.), reading time, coffee enjoyment time, writing time, social media time, email time — you get the idea — until afternoon quiet time.

Why am I not prioritizing the morning, when the children are the happiest and their brains are the freshest, to accomplish school-time, read-aloud time, and just anything with the them time?!


Because I’m so selfish!

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Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 3

I did a really poor job of blogging in 2016; I’m hoping 2017 will see more posts! I wanted  to squeeze in this quote post that I have been wanting to post for forever and just couldn’t carve out time to write it. Some of these quotes date all the way back to January. I did a poor job in several areas this past year, and keeping track of quotes was one area that slacked. There should be WAY more for a years worth. At any rate, here are the ones that caught my funny bone. They are ordered from oldest to newest.

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Lewis’ 2nd Birthday

This post was (mostly) written and then never posted. Instead of going back and changing the tone of it all, or scrapping it (which has happened to WAY too many posts) I thought I would just explain that part of it was written on his birthday and part of it 1 1/2 months later. haha

He’s two! My baby is two! How have two years passed since holding him in my arms for the first time and falling completely in love with his tiny features?

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Fahlman Family Quotables vol. 1

This is a post chock-full of the funny (and sweet) things my kids have said recently. Naturally I think my children are hilarious, but maybe they’re not-so-much to anyone else. I’m also probably loosing my perspective on what actually counts as laugh-out-loud-able material since my days are spent with three children, 3yrs old and under… but hey — maybe some of these will tickle your funny bone like they tickled mine. 🙂

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